Investment Management

Our Investment Management group provides investment solutions and advisory services across all major asset classes to diverse groups of institutional and high net worth investors (HNIs). Our major objective is to meet the specified investment goals of all our teeming clientele.

One of our missions is to promote awareness of the benefit of investing in stocks and arrange convenient ways for clients to invest and achieve exceptional results by trading – buying shares when prices are low and disposing them at higher prices.

Periodically, SA Capital renders reports to each client on the performance of their portfolio.

To this end, the group is divided into the following Subsidiaries for ease of classification:

1. SA Capital (Securities)

SA Capital (Securities) is the brokerage subsidiary of Standard Alliance Capital & Asset Management. We act as Placement Agent and also trade on equities, government securities, debentures, bonds and other capital market securities. We also facilitate transactions which meet the investment criteria of our clients and ensure proper administration of their CSCS accounts and related documentation.

We have consistently maintained a high market share in the industry which has enabled us make markets in highly capitalized stocks. This has established us a leader in the Nigerian capital market.

2. SA Capital (Asset Management)

SA Capital (Asset Management) is an investment administration company which seeks to provide superior investment solutions to its Clients in order to enable them realize their specific investment goals. The team deploys prudent, disciplined and personalized investment strategies in handling Client’s portfolios with the ultimate goal of reducing risk while maximizing returns. Our Investment Advisory services, which are targeted towards Corporate institutions, Public Sector and High Net Worth clients, include:

  • Discretionary and Non-discretionary Nominee Accounts
  • Portfolio Administration Services
  • Margin Trading Accounts
  • Mutual Funds.

At SA Capital (Asset Management), investment solutions are premised on our independent market research reports that consist of fundamental and technical analysis of the assets under management.  In order to keep our clients abreast of capital markets activities, we equip them with our daily capital market reports and monthly review to assist their investment decisions.