Investment Banking

Our investment banking services are tailored to meet the various needs of corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and individuals. We strive to deliver high-quality strategic advice and innovative financing solutions to our clients, including capital raising, mergers, acquisitions, structured finance and core investor sale transactions.

Capital Issues Unit

The lifeblood of every corporation is capital. Our Corporate Finance professionals assist our corporate clients to develop an effective financing strategy, determine the optimal deal structure and then secure the capital necessary to advance their strategic and financial objectives.

We execute primary issue mandates on behalf of corporate clients, banks, local and state governments requiring medium – long term funding for various projects under the following categories of capital:

  1. Equity  and quasi-equity Capital;
  2. Debt (Senior and Subordinated); and
  3. State and Local Government Bonds.

Financial Advisory Unit

SA Capital offers a full spectrum of Financial Advisory Services to our clients, these includes

  1. Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers;
  2. Corporate Restructuring;
  3. Structured Finance;
  4. Management and Leverage Buyout.

We consequently act as Financial Advisers for the purpose of, but not limited to, existing or proposed financial/business restructuring and long-term funding that could be very critical to our clients’ immediate corporate plans.