Company Profile


We are a member of the Standard Alliance Insurance Group focused on the delivery of exceptional values that ensure our clients achieve their financial goals. Our intention is to become the industry reference point in the provision of cutting-edge investment banking services. We are driven by the passion to keep improving on what we do and our overall goal is to become a frontline financial services powerhouse in Nigeria and the West African sub-region in the very short run

Standard Alliance Capital & Asset Management Ltd. was incorporated as an Investment Banking Company on May 7, 2007 to provide meaningful and high quality financial intermediation services. we have taken the time to thoroughly study and understand the financial and investment industry both locally and globally in order to deliver our promises most professionally and with the highest level of integrity

The company is presently capitalized to the tune of N1.5billion fully paid up as a Registered Broker-Dealer and a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. In addition we also provide Issuing house services, Fund/Asset Management services, Corporate/Project Finance Advisory, Corporate Restructuring and Investment Advisory services

We rise above the ordinary transaction motives of being in business and we are committed to the principle of transiting with our customers and partners by employing time-tested investment management and asset preservation techniques that ensure they all arrive at their varied expected financial destinations